Government  Website  Questionnaire
To better provide foreign residents with all-round information services and familiarize them with the colorful city life of Shanghai, Shanghai Municipal People's Government Official Website is currently conducting an online survey on the foreign-language versions of government websites. This questionnaire is designed to collect opinions from foreigners’ living, traveling, or studying in Shanghai. We are highly appreciative of your help in this online questionnaire. Please make your
decisions for each of the following questions by either marking a tick (√) in the appropriate brackets or writing out your answer in English.
                                                                       Shanghai Municipal People's Government Official Website
1. How often do you browse a government website?
A. In time of need B. Every day
C. Every week D. None of the above
2. Which of the following are you most concerned about? (Multiple Choice)
A. Browsing speed B. Updating frequency C. Website search
D. Information quality E. Page design    
F. Other (Please specify):
3. What kinds of information you are most interested in? (Multiple choice)
A. Current affairs B. Government index C. Services
D. Traffic information E. Tourist guide F. Cultural events
G. Information about studies overseas H. Life assistance
I.  Online consultation J. Questions & Answers (Q&A) K. Investment guide
L. Other (Please specify):
4. What would you like to see on our website when you prepare to travel to Shanghai? (Multiple Choice)
A. Scenic spots B. Travel routes C. Hotel booking
D. Airline info E. Local customs and traditions F. Souvenirs
G. Other (Please specify):
5. What would you like to see on our website when you are living in Shanghai? (Multiple Choice)
A. Restaurants B. Housing C. Transport
D. Shops E. Entertainmen F. Tax
G. Hospitals and clinics        
H. Other (Please specify):
6. What would you like to see on our website when you prepare to invest in Shanghai? (Multiple Choice)
A. Investment guide B. Investment environment    
C. Investment encouragement policies D. Approving procedures
E. Exiting projects F. Foreign investment companies G. Procedures to start business
H. Other (Please specify):
7. What would you like to see on our website when you want to study or work in Shanghai? (Multiple Choice)
A. Policies B. Information for Chinese schools C. Foreign schools in Shanghai
D. Schooling for kids E. International cooperative education
F. International education exhibitions G. Working guidance
H. Other (Please specify):
8. Could you read simple Chinese?
A. Yes B. No
9. What’s your plan for your stay in China?
A. Working B. Studying C. Travelling
D. Investing     E. Immigrating
F. Other (Please specify):
10、Could you give your suggestions as to the improvement of our foreign-language version
website? (Please write in English.)
Thank you very much for your participation! Would you mind leaving your brief personal information
in the following, which, we assure you, will be kept strictly confidential?
    Name:     Nationality:
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